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Our live scoring and championship standings are being hosting by Curling IO this season.  You can stay up to date on your favorite teams results without being at the curling club!

Please follow the link below to access both the living scoring and the leaderboard.

Click here for Live Scoring

Click here for the Championship Standings


Yellow Rocks vs Red Rocks

The winner of the coin toss has the choice of rock colour OR first or second practice time - Hammer determined by button draw.

Participants please review the Rules of Competition here!

Participants will rate their opponents each game to determine the Championship Reed All-Stars Awards

2024 Live Scoring

Please note that the online scoreboards will be updated to reflect the red and yellow stones.

Currently online - top is red and bottom is yellow.

rock - draw page.JPG


Saturday @ 3:00PM

Sheet 1: BC vs NL

Sheet 2: NB vs NO

Sheet 3: CPCA vs QC

Sheet 4: MB vs AB

Sheet 5: ON vs NS

Sheet 6: SK vs CAN

DRAW 2 & 3

Sunday @ 10:00AM

Sheet 1: AB vs QC

Sheet 2:  CAN vs BC

Sheet 3: MAN vs SK

Sheet 4: NO vs NS

Sheet 5: CPCA vs NL

Sheet 6: NB vs ON

Sunday @ 2:00PM

Sheet 1: CAN vs MB

Sheet 2: NS vs QC

Sheet 3: ON vs AB

Sheet 4: NB vs NL

Sheet 5: SK vs NO

Sheet 6: BC vs CPCA

rock - draw page.JPG
rock - draw page.JPG

DRAW 4 & 5

Monday @ 10:00AM

Sheet 1: NS vs NB

Sheet 2: CPCA vs ON

Sheet 3: CAN vs NO

Sheet 4: SK vs QC

Sheet 5: MB vs BC

Sheet 6: AB vs NL

Monday @ 2:00PM

Sheet 1: ON vs SK

Sheet 2: NL vs MB

Sheet 3: BC vs NS

Sheet 4: CAN vs CPCA

Sheet 5: AB vs NB

Sheet 6: QC vs NO

DRAW 6 & 7

Tuesday @ 10:00AM

sheet 1: CPCA vs AB

Sheet 2: BC vs SK

Sheet 3: QC vs NL 

Sheet 4: ON vs NO

Sheet 5: NS vs CAN

Sheet 6: MB vs NB

Tuesday @ 2:00PM

Sheet 1: NL vs CAN

Sheet 2: QC vs NB

Sheet 3: AB vs SK

Sheet 4: NS vs MB

Sheet 5: NO vs CPCA

Sheet 6: ON vs BC

rock - draw page.JPG
rock - draw page.JPG

DRAW 9 & 10

Wednesday @ 10:00AM

Sheet 1: MB vs NO 

Sheet 2: AB vs NS 

Sheet 3: NB vs CAN

Sheet 4: QC vs BC

Sheet 5: NL vs ON

Sheet 6: CPCA vs SK

Wednesday @ 2:00PM

Sheet 1: QC vs ON

Sheet 2: MB vs CPCA

Sheet 3: NO vs BC

Sheet 4: AB vs CAN

Sheet 5: NB vs SK

Sheet 6: NL vs NS

DRAW 10 & 11

Thursday @ 10:00AM

Sheet 1: NB vs BC

Sheet 2: ON vs CAN

Sheet 3: NS vs CPCA

Sheet 4: NL vs SK

Sheet 5: QC vs MB

Sheet 6: No vs AB

Thursday @ 2:00PM

Sheet SK vs NS

Sheet 2: NO vs NL

Sheet 3: MB vs ON

Sheet 4: CPCA vs NB

Sheet 5: BC vs AB

Sheet 6: CAN vs QC

rock - draw page.JPG
rock - draw page.JPG



Tie Breakers:

9:00AM - if 2 or more games required

11:00AM - if 1 game is required

Page Playoff:

If no playoff needed


1 vs 2 (Sheet 2)

3 vs 4 (Sheet 5)

rock - draw page.JPG
rock - draw page.JPG


Saturday @ 10:00AM

L (1-2 game) vs W (3-4 game)

Sheet 3


Saturday @ 2:00PM

Winner of Semi game vs Winner of 1-2 game

Sheet 4

rock - draw page.JPG
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