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Where rank doesn't matter, only good times with great friends does!

The history of police curling dates back to 1955 when the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police first formed the Canadian Police Curling Association for the purpose of encouraging fellowship and liaison among Canadian police officers as well as promoting the game of curling in Canada. The first "National Police Bonspiel" was organized and held at the Granite Curling Club in Winnipeg on March 12th, 1956.

At that time, it was a one day, four event bonspiel. There were sixteen rinks allowed, one representing each of the provinces as we do today, plus four other teams representing four of the major police forces in Canada, the RCMP, the OPP, the CPR Police and the CNR Police.

Between 1956 and 1971 the annual bonspiel was held in various cities across Canada. It was sponsored by the Chiefs of Police Association, but most of the expenses were paid by the curlers themselves. Due to the costs involved, not all of the provinces or police forces always sent a rink to the bonspiel and local area rinks were substituted to make up the full complement of 16 rinks. Nevertheless, the event proved to be very popular in the police community and the original purpose for which it was organized was achieved. The event became more competitive each year and play-offs to get into the bonspiel generated much more liaison and friendly rivalry among the police forces and police officers.

In March 1972, with the support of a major sponsor, the first truly Canadian Police Curling Championship was held at the Thistle Curling Club in Hamilton, Ontario. The Brier format of a round robin competition was adopted and teams from all of the Provinces and the Yukon-Northwest Territories were present

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On behalf of the National Executive and the Organizing Committee I would like to welcome you to the 2024 Canadian Police Curling Championship to be held in Whitby Ontario.  The Host Committee has been hard at work since last year getting this event organized for you.

We will once again to be able to enjoy catching up with old friends, making new ones, great curling and of course many good laughs during the week together.

The National Executive is pleased to announce that the National Police Federation (NPF) has agreed to enter into a long-term sponsor partnership with Canadian Police Curling Association and we are extremely grateful for their contributions to our event.  I would also like to thank all the sponsors that have donated to the event, without your donations this event would not be possible.

The executive would also like to thank Ryan, Steve and their team for the amazing work they have done to get this event off the ground. As many of you know, it takes years to plan a national event (and they have planned two!!) and yet they have been extremely organized, well prepared and ready for anything! 

Finally, I would like to wish all curlers safe travels both to and from Whitby, Ontario and that everyone enjoys the great hospitality, great friends and great curling!

Good luck to all participants in the 2024 Canadian Police Curling Championship!

Tony Chilton, President

Canadian Police Curling Association


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